burn fatby Andrea Albright

I know what you want – you want to eat foods that will burn fat – actually burn away your fat, and you want to stop getting fatter.

You’re tired of being lied to. You’re tired of being scammed. You just want to know the truth.

Well I’m here for you, girlfriend.

I’m gonna tell you the truth like no other fitness “expert” will because I’m not profiting from your false hopes.

I’m not selling a fat-burning pill or a diet supplement.

I’m just giving you the truth.

I’ve been where you are RIGHT NOW. I know how frustrating it is to want to lose weight, but never being able to.

I want you to feel good about yourself.

Tips You Can Start Using Today To Burn Fat Now.

For starters, I used to be overwhelmed by the all the choices of food out there that CLAIM they make you shed fat.

And the worst is when you go and spend a TON of money on these “super” diet foods that are SUPPOSED to be good for you, and you’re SUPPOSED to be burning fat… but then you end up getting FATTER.

Doesn’t that stink?!

This would be SO frustrating when it would happen to me. I would think, “I’m making all this effort to lose weight, so why am I getting fatter?”

Pretty soon, I would just give up because I thought it was hopeless.

…Until I discovered and learned the RIGHT way of eating from professional athletes, and physical fitness experts, and other women who have lost weight and successfully kept it off.

That’s how I found out what the REAL foods are that REALLY melt fat.

You might be surprised that it doesn’t come from any new breakthrough technology, or new modern discovery, or weight loss trick.

These foods are not made in some food science lab — they come directly from mother nature.

I support and I emphasize an all natural, whole food diet. That’s how I lost the fat FOR GOOD.

When you eliminate all the processed foods from your diet that aren’t WHOLE foods and NATURAL, you’re already on a really good start to losing weight.

But if you want FAST results and to START losing fat NOW, then…

Here Is A List Of 5 Of The Best Foods You Can Eat To Burn Fat…


A long-time favorite of bodybuilders, egg whites are as close to a perfect source of protein as you can get.

Eggs got a bad rap there for a while when every one was saying that having too much saturated fat in your diet could lead to heart disease.

But when you take the yolk out of an egg, you remove all the fat and the cholesterol… leaving you with pure protein to stimulate your metabolism.

Protein helps you feel full longer and faster which decreases your desire to overeat.

And eggs are cheap and easy! Load up on them at the grocery store and have them every morning for breakfast.

Here’s what I do…

I pour a touch of olive oil in a frying pan, crack 4 eggs into a bowl and separate out the yolks (a technique that you will master VERY quickly or you can buy the egg whites in a carton)…

Then I pour the egg whites into the heated pan — 3 minutes later, I have a delicious egg white omelet.

I eat this with 1/2 cup oatmeal or 1/2 cup of organic beans (pinto and black beans are my fav), add green vegetables (zucchini, broccoli, green peppers) and salsa or hot pepper sauce for the PERFECT BREAKFAST.

The whole recipe takes about 10-15 minutes.

If you don’t have 15 extra minutes in the morning to spare, just fill a pot with water, add 4 whole eggs, and turn it on medium-high heat BEFORE you take a shower.

When you get out of the shower, your eggs will be ready and waiting for you. Just throw away the shells and yolks, add LOTS of green vegetables for a healthy source of carbohydrates… and VOILA! Your breakfast is ready.

If you don’t like the taste of just egg whites, then scramble 1 whole egg with 3 egg whites for an easy omelet that tastes as good as if you used all whole eggs — but it only has 1/4 of the fat and cholesterol.

And don’t just limit your egg whites to your first meal of the day…

Have a tomato and egg white sandwich on 2 slices of 100% whole grain bread (100% rye, sprouted wheat, or gluten-free breads are the BEST) with a small side salad with olive oil and red-wine vinegar for a perfect lunch or mid-afternoon “mini-meal”.

It’s also a great idea to always keep some boiled eggs in your fridge for a quick and easy source of protein when you’re about to run out the door.

And I LOVE to saute vegetables (like spinach) in olive oil and garlic then add them to an egg white omelet. Or chop up a bunch of vegetables (the more the better!) and cook them in egg whites in the oven for a delicious frittata.

Be creative – there are a million ways you can eat egg whites at any time of the day.


There’s a reason why this was one of the fad diets back in the 80s… eating a grapefruit before any meal will fill you up fast.

This may be because grapefruits are very high in fiber.

Why is fiber important?

Fiber not only helps to rinse the body cells of their fat but also fill you up quickly and decrease the body’s calorie absorption rate, so that you experience less hunger pangs.

Fiber is also necessary for healthy digestion because it’s very effective at “pushing everything out”.

I eat 5 or 6 small “mini-meals” a day, and one of my favorite mid-day meals is half a grapefruit and a handful of almonds. It’s a delicious and filling mini-meal that keeps your metabolism churning!


Salmon is an excellent source of protein, and protein is what’s really important to keep your blood sugar level STABLE so that your insulin doesn’t spike too high up and cause your body to store fat.

Controlling insulin spikes is one of the MOST important things you need to do to STOP storing fat, and I give you lots of techniques on how to do this in my ebook.

It starts on p. 87, where I give you an easy to understand explanation of HOW insulin spikes make you fatter, and what you can do TODAY to stop this from happening. Go here:

Stop Your Body From Making Fat (and teach it how to burn fat…)

Okay, back to protein…

Protein also keeps you full for longer so you don’t have this urge to eat bad stuff all the time.

It takes longer for your body to digest the protein, and the longer your body spends digesting proteins, the more calories it’s burning…

Because digestion burns a lot of calories!

Not that I think counting calories is important, but this is a sign that you are burning through more ENERGY, and this is what we mean by a “faster metabolism” – you are burning through energy FASTER than before.

And this is a very good thing. This is heating up your energetic furnace inside of you (aka. your metabolism) and fat is “melting” off of you.

Even better still, salmon is a great source of protein… and it also has Omega 3s.

A lot of research has been done around Omega 3s, and it has many healthy benefits.

It’s a type of fat found in fish, like salmon, and these healthy fats increase your mood by making your body produce more endorphins.

Endorphins are the “feel-good” hormones made by your brain.

When you’re in a better mood, you don’t have this urge to eat crap, or junk food, or fast food to get that energy spike or that energy rush from sugar and chemicals.

You have a NATURAL source of “feel-good” feelings coming from your body’s own production source – your own healthy BRAIN.

So, Omega 3s are great for lifting your mood AND controlling your cravings for bad food.

There’s also evidence that shows Omega 3s make you smarter, that they actually increase the functioning of your brain.

So, I can’t say enough good things about Omega 3s and a diet with lots of fish.

And salmon is the perfect food for a fat-melting food. It’s low in saturated fat and it’s high in Omega 3s… but most importantly…

It’s an EXCELLENT source of protein for PREVENTING your body from storing fat, and for speeding up your metabolism so you can burn fat.

Just make sure that you’re getting and eating wild salmon as often as possible because there are a lot of contaminants in farm-raised salmon that you should be aware of – try not to eat too much of the farm-raised salmon, if possible.


The fourth food that makes you burn fat is green tea.

Green tea is the perfect substitute for coffee drinks because we all know that very few women like just black coffee.

I mean, you go to your favorite coffee shop and you want to put in all the lattes, and syrups, and the whipped cream… which adds up to hundreds of “empty calories” (NO nutritional value) , and fat, and sugar, and chemicals EVERY day!

So, if you can get hooked on green tea instead of coffee drinks, right there you’ll be saving yourself from intense sugar cravings (because the more chemicals and sugar you eat, the more you crave it) and TONS of toxins clogging up your body’s systems.

Green tea is also very high in antioxidants. Antioxidants fight cancer, and they make you look younger.

They fight aging. They give you energy. They are very important for a healthy diet.

The caffeine from green tea keeps your energy going all day long… and there is conflicting research on caffeine because it does exhaust your adrenal glands and stress out your nervous system…

But I also live in the real world, and even I like a good buzz to get the day started.

We all love a good caffeine boost! But if we can get it in a HEALTHY way, that’s the best way to do it.

Green tea has also been proven to promote heart health, improves digestion, regulates blood sugar and increases your body temperature.

It raises the metabolic rate and speeds up fat oxidation – and this is what helps people to lose weight.

The people that live on the island of Okinawa off of Japan, have been recognized as having the healthiest diet in the world.

They have the lowest rate of heart disease, obesity, and cancer, AND they have the longest life span.

Okinawan’s drink green tea all day long… at least five cups a day.

So, this is strong evidence that suggests that green tea is very important for maintaining a healthy, long, and active life.

Green tea is great for losing weight and burning fat because it is a natural diuretic.

But you don’t need to buy any of those special green teas that they’re selling as “diet” tea. Any green tea will be great.

I drink a cup or two a day, and I love it.


The 5th food that makes you burn fat is spicy foods like chilies and peppers.

Spicy foods are great because they increase your metabolism. When you eat spicy food, it actually raises your body temperature and makes your heart beat a little faster so you’re burning more calories and therefore speeding up your metabolic rate.

And if you like it really spicy (like I do), it can even make you sweat.

When you’re eating spicy food, it causes you to eat slower, so you have less of a chance that you are going to overeat. And overeating is another thing that causes your body to store fat.

So eating spicy food really makes you slow down and not eat too fast.

You drink lots of water too, which is always a good thing.

Putting spices in your food will take the place of really creamy sauces and butter that are just full of fat and “empty calories”.

It’s an exciting way to eat that’s also great for losing weight and to burn fat.

So there you have it… NATURAL foods that you can start eating to start melting FAT.

Go stock up your fridge today.

These foods will jump-start your metabolism, and they will turn on your body’s natural fat burning system.

You don’t need a pill.

You don’t need a special protein powder.

You don’t need any kind of crazy chemical drink.

It all happens in your body, and just by eating these natural foods that nature has given us, your body will return to it’s natural state without all this excess weight and fat.

Your body WILL burn off all the fat and you will be more energetic and happier with yourself inside and out.

When you start eating foods that are healthy and natural, your entire life is going to change.

You will feel it in your energy, in your digestion, and in the fat melting off of your body.

You are what you eat.

Choosing to eat healthy, is choosing to BE healthy.

You are already on your way!

With Love and Light,


From Sarah: Andrea’s an amazing coach with her own amazing story of how she transformed her body into the one she has now (and her site and great ebook is called “Amazing Body Now“– a strong body that keeps her healthy and happy. She’s focused her life on helping others achieve the same goal. Check her out if you’re struggling with belly fat or want to quickly burn fat->

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