Valentine's Dayby Andrea Albright

Here are 5 flat belly foods that you can eat to have a flat belly so that you look and feel your best on Valentine’s Day

1. Oatmeal – high in fiber to clean out the walls of the intestine and digestive organs, cleansing out your belly area and getting rid of the “belly pooch”

2. Dark Leafy Greens – high in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that your body NEEDS, also produces more serotonin, the endorphin which makes you FEEL happier (less emotional eating, less STRESS)

3. Avocado – rich and delicious, high in the ‘healthy fats’ but it tastes like a cheat food!

4. Miso Soup – studies have shown the seaweed found in miso soup is linked to fighting brown belly fat (the most dangerous kind)

5. Beans And Legumes – great vegetarian source of protein, packed with fiber, they will fill you up and keep your blood sugar levels stable which prevents insulin spikes and belly fat-storage

If You Want To Have A Flat Belly On Valentine’s Day So That You Feel Sexy And Confident…

Then load up on these foods over the next few days. You will be getting the nutrition that your body needs, and you will see a difference in a flatter belly.

 Nutrition is a Science and a Mindset that is well worth learning

It is one of the central things you have got to learn to be truly masterful at LIVING the healthy lifestyle that KEEPS belly fat from ever coming back.

You won’t believe how powerfully “the right foods” can influence the way your belly fat looks and feels from day-to-day.

Plus… strange as it may sound, if you try this “healthy and natural approach to getting a flat belly”, you’ll learn a lot more about your Self and how to get the health vibration into EVERY aspect of your life.

It goes hand-in-hand with the nutrition that you feed your body…

But It All Starts with a Mindset that Extends Far Beyond Valentine’s Day

When you learn to love your body enough to give it the GIFT of nutrition, and only FEED your body the healthy foods you know that you deserve…

You FEEL better and you BECOME a happier person.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Love and Light,


From Sarah: Andrea’s an amazing coach with her own amazing story of how she transformed her body into the one she has now (and her site and great ebook is called “Amazing Body Now“– a strong body that keeps her healthy and happy. She’s focused her life on helping others achieve the same goal. Check her out if you’re struggling with belly fat or want to keep losing weight or getting in shape after Valentine’s Day

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