sparklywomanby Image Consultant Lori Ann Robinson

Here are 5 rules to help you out of any malaise you may feel because of the…economic downturn.

5 Fashion Rules to Keep You Looking Great Year Round

1.Re-examine your lingerie. If you are going to spend any money this year, then under garments give you the biggest bang for your buck. Take a long hard look at what is in your drawers. Throw out anything that is tattered and worn. Once elastic is stretched out, it is shot. No wearing bras and panties with the squiggly, broken elastic. Invest in new undies and my favorite, TC Shapewear. If you’re using the best of what’s in your closet, then keep looking your best with the right undergarments.

2. Don’t keep clothes in your closet if they do not fit you or your lifestyle. Nothing is more depressing than a closet full of clothes that are no longer right for you. Keep your closet current with what DOES look great on you. If you must keep items that you cannot bear to get rid of, pack them up and store away.

3. Say sayonara to an all black wardrobe. Yes, It is chic and it is sooo LA/NY. Black is often the go- to- color when a few lb.’s appear. If this is your case, keep a dark hue on the areas you need to camouflage. There is a world of color out there just waiting to be worn. If you’re cost conscious right now then brighten things up with some great scarves and purses. The new First Lady loves it. Mix your best colors with your neutrals, lighten, and brighten up!
P.S. Men like color, and are attracted to it, especially in a room that is a “sea of black”.

4. Have at least one default evening and day outfit that you makes you look and feel fabulous. Make sure it is one that rewards you with tons of compliments. And don’t forget that you have it when you get that last-minute invite or you may be shopping for no good reason.

5. Stock your closet with wardrobe essentials. Invest in the best this year. Once you have your lingerie in order, it’s time to review your essential outfits. Have pieces that are great basics so you can mix and match with ease. If a fabulous pair of pants or if that amazing skirt has eluded you, then this is the time to seek it out.

You can shine in 2009 –



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  1. Chitra on March 1, 2009 at 3:45 am

    These tips are surely going to give my wardrobe a much brighter and fresh feel. I never was able to throw away my old clothes that easily. I always used to feel that they would fit me one day or they would suit a specific occassion and have been stocking them up without using it for more than a year. Guess it’s time for me to throw them out!

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