dateBy Christian Carter

Many women seem to think that just because nothing obvious was bad about a date, that a man should be interested and attracted to her and want to go out again… or else something was wrong with him.

Maybe they think that a few more “okay” dates would cause him to open his eyes and heart and see the light. This is the kind of thinking that gets women into a lot of trouble and leaves them wondering why they’re single.

Here’s what I mean. See if you recognize yourself in any of these date scenarios:

Problem 1: Playing It Safe on a Date

Have you ever been so intent on getting a man to like you that you tried to act cool and watched every word you said? This includes following his lead all the time, not saying anything about how you think or feel that you think will upset him, and making sure that you never say anything that could be too controversial or confrontational.

Playing it safe like this doesn’t do anything to spark a man’s interest or attention. It makes him lose interest and therefore he won’t feel inspired to ask you out again.

“A man falls for a woman who makes him FEEL good and who is exciting and fun to be around – even if she is a little ‘bad’.”

Problem 2: Acting “Formal” On A Date

This is death when it comes to interest and attraction. A man either feels like he’s on a job interview and doesn’t become emotionally engaged with you… or he’s plain bored with you and will have a hard time finding anything personally interesting about you.

A man doesn’t fall for a “good” woman, and he doesn’t want to be with her because she’s polite and formal. A man falls for a woman who makes him FEEL good and who is exciting and fun to be around – even if she is a little “bad.”

Problem 3: Being Boring On A Date

You are being boring when you talk about boring things. At the top of the list are the things like jobs, family, weather, etc.

These things don’t really help two people get to know one another. Sure, they’re nice… but they don’t “cost” much to reveal, as we’d tell any stranger about these things if they asked in a nice way.

More importantly, they don’t create any kind of emotional experience or connection when you talk about them.

In fact, they put a man back into the space of the mundane aspects of his everyday life… and he’ll bring those “mundane” feelings to the table with him when you talk about all these things on a date.

And guess what happens then?

He associates these boring mundane everyday feelings with you. And voila… you are another boring date with nothing special or interesting going on.

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Your Friend,

Christian Carter

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