long distance relationshipTo keep your long distance relationship thriving – get creative with your computer:

1. Send an email every day using a different color background or a different font, and maybe inserting a JPG or other electronic form picture with a picture of you or some location or scene you think your partner would like, or a picture of a city you visited together.

Whatever you know they would enjoy seeing.

In every email, send a different message.

The messages can consist of just one word, but you can mix up the size, style and color of the font and the pictures so that every one is different.

For example, on the first day you might send a picture of a park (you can find all kinds of free images on the internet).

Your message might be in a HUGE, RED FONT and it could say simply “Wish I was walking in the park with you”.

2. Send a sound file (WAV, Windows Media, whatever) attached to an email and let your partner download a love song with an email message from you.

3. SCHEDULE a chat with your partner and open a chat room.

While you are chatting, have some sound files, text files and pictures to send him/her with images of love, hearts, and pictures of YOU or love songs, etc.

4. If you both have video capability on your machines, schedule a time you can get online and SEE EACH OTHER live.

5. Talk and send messages back and forth via instant messaging programs.

You’ll feel less disconnected and more like you’re really together.

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