by Courtney Carver

We say things everyday, all day long. We say them out loud. We say them deep down inside. We speak with our voice and our keyboards and our pens. Words matter.

Don’t assume that people, even the people that know you best, know what you are thinking. Tell them.

While actions speak louder than words in many cases, some things should not go unsaid.
3 simple things to say…

1. Thank you.

Being thankful goes a long way, but it’s one thing to feel grateful, and another to express gratitude. Saying thank you out loud brings attention to what and who you are thankful for. Saying thank you first, will make you happier with what you have.

2. I’m sorry.

We are all human. We are not perfect. We make mistakes, some more hurtful than others. From the tiniest slip to the biggest offense, an apology will start the healing process.

An apology does not deserve forgiveness, but opens the door for the opportunity.

There will be a time when someone doesn’t know they deserve your apology. You’ll know. Give it to them anyway.

3. I love you.

Say I love you when you are feeling romantic.

Say it when you are happy.

Say it when you are sad and even when you are mad.

Three words can fix. Three words can soothe. Three words can connect.

Say I love you often. Say it before it’s too late, and sometimes, even before you are ready.

You don’t need an extensive vocabulary to have a meaningful relationship. You don’t need big bank accounts, closets stuffed with the latest fashion or a big plan for the future. Speak from the heart and let people know that you care.

Those three phrases make the world go round. They make relationships work, dry up tears, invite smiles and make hearts swell. Say it, sign it, send it, sing it and put it out there.

What haven’t you said lately?

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