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What are the signs that a guy likes you?

There are the obvious signs, such as calling you up everyday, asking you out often, and telling his family and friends about you.

But not all guys are the same, and some of the more quiet, reserved, and relationship-minded men show different signs… some so subtle you don’t even notice them.

Here are some “lesser-known” ways to tell that he’s really into you:

Little-Known Sign #1:
He Remembers Your First Date

Does he remember your first date – and even remember details that you don’t?

One of my readers, “Sarah,” wrote to me about how her husband still remembers their first date:

“He remembers the time, the date, what we had for dinner, what we said, and how many times we kissed. It’s amazing how he remembers the little details… and it proves to me that he really takes our relationship seriously.”

That’s definitely true. Men tend to be “big picture” type of people. When he remembers the little details about your relationship, it’s a sign that you’re very, very dear to his heart!

Little-Known Sign #2:
His Friends Talk About You

Any guy can talk to his friends about the woman they’re dating. But it’s on a totally different level when his friends talk about you.

“Hi, you must be Sally,” his friends tell you. “We’ve heard a lot about you.”

Isn’t that great to hear? It means he’s not just telling his friends about you, but he’s doing it with so much fire and gusto that it’s left a big impression on his friends.

As a bonus, it could also mean that he’s the type of guy who USUALLY doesn’t date a lot… and the fact that he’s telling his friends about you means you’ve impacted his life in a big, special way.

Little-Known Sign #3:
He Gives You A Pet Name

Guys like to be tough and macho, but they can be pretty cute when they fall in love. And they know it’s a pretty big risk to call a woman by a pet name.

Why? Because they know when a woman doesn’t like them too, giving her a pet name can end the relationship before it’s even started. (If you’ve ever been called a pet name by a guy you didn’t like, you know what I mean!)

So remember – when a guy works up the nerve to call you a pet name, he’s risking everything for you!

What To Do When You Know He Likes You

It’s always great when you know he likes you. But as you already know, it’s not enough to guarantee you’ll be happy together for long.

(If you believe in “all you need is love,” I got bad news for you…)

Your job is to build on the attraction as a couple. You got to keep getting better for each other, and make the bond you share grow and bloom into solid, unshakable, unbreakable love.

Growing a relationship is a lot like growing flowers in your yard. You don’t stop when the seeds start to sprout, right? You got to keep watering, nurturing, and pruning.

In other words, love is a full-time job. It’s always more challenging in the beginning… but if you have the skills, it gets easier with time… until it becomes effortless.

So how DO you “plant, grow, and nurture” a happy relationship?

Here are two pieces of timeless dating advice for you:

Tip #1: Date Smartly.

Don’t rush – take things nicely and slowly. Pace yourself. Your relationship with him should grow as naturally and as effortlessly as possible, and not forced and rushed and manipulated.

If you’ve ever gone camping before, then you know it’s not a good idea to throw all the firewood into the campfire at once – you might burn the entire campsite down. Just a little at a time, and everyone will stay nice, warm, and happy.

Love is like that. It isn’t just about how deeply you love each other, but also how smartly.

Do you have the skills to win him over?

Tip #2: Don’t Make It Your First Priority.

Ironically, your relationship with him will actually fare better when you don’t make it your top priority in life. Here’s why… If you’re not happy single, then you won’t be happy in a relationship.

Your relationship with him is meant to make your already fantastic life even better. It’s not meant to be a “band-aid” for your problems.

That’s why most of your girlfriends who have issues can’t handle relationships for long… while the lucky ones who don’t have issues are also the lucky ones who find “Mr. Right” fairly quickly.

Fortunately, as far as relationship problems go, this is a relatively easy one to solve…

If you have big, hairy problems in your life right now… and at the same time, you’re feeling lonely and desperate for the companionship of a man… then my book, Irresistible Attraction Triggers, is for you.

Why would a book about attraction help you solve your problems?

Because a big part of making a man love you too is about perspective – knowing where you are, knowing what you want out of life, and knowing how to get there. The first few chapters of the book teach exactly that.

In addition, the book also teaches you how to turn attraction into love. Building attraction and building love are two different things… and you’ll need both if you want your relationship to last a lifetime.

But perhaps best of all, it teaches you how to keep the love burning throughout your lives together… so that you’ll never have to worry about being alone and lonely ever again!

To the happiness you deserve,

Alexandra Fox

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