romanceby Bobbi Palmer

Goody! It’s Friday! Another Friday to remind you that your weekend isn’t full of romance…or maybe not even full of fun. Here is a list of 26 things you can do to blow open your possibilities. It’s not just about where to meet men. They aren’t all hiding in some secret location. It’s about learning more about yourself and men, creating the best life for yourself and just getting out and having fun. That ALL leads to connecting with that fabulous man to hang with and share your life.

1. Get out of your house and do anything. Take a walk, go shopping, take a sailing class, go to the dog park.

2. Get girlie; buy a new pretty dress and bra.

3. Get online with a great profile and pictures.

4. Ask five friends to start looking for appropriate men for you to date, give them your must-haves, and follow-up.

5. Start noticing the men around you and make eye contact…5 seconds…smile! (That’s the simple trick!) Start with the married guys if it’s easier for practice.

6. Don’t travel in packs.

7. Ask your closest friends to list the things they like and admire most about you, then believe them!

8. Learn from every experience – about men and about yourself.

9. Ask your male friends to tell you what they think women don’t know about single men, but should.

10. Ask your male friends to list the 5 things women do when they meet men, online, or on the phone that drive them away (and that attract them).

11. Be willing to date men who are different than your usual “type.”

12. At least once a week tell someone new that you are trying to find your dream man.

13. Call a man who “got away” or that you have thought about seeing again. (It’s okay if he’s no longer available; worst case is that he’ll be flattered and you can celebrate your courage.)

14. For every man you meet, practice kindness and self-awareness as you get to know him.

15. If you like him, but you don’t feel chemistry, go on a second, even third date. Remember that this initial feeling is often more about making quick judgments, not thinking rationally, and/or not practicing kindness.

16. Sign up for a seminar and buy a book to help you learn about how men think and feel.

17. Go somewhere as someone’s date. A party, company picnic, or basketball game. Then, make sure he tells everyone that “you’re terrific, but you’re just buddies.”

18. Try 30 days on a popular online dating site. I recommend sites that require some payment; it’s best to have some skin in the game (for you and the men you’re going to meet).

19. Finally do the things you’ve been putting off that are good for you: seek out spiritual leaders, coaching, self-improvement opportunities, or charitable organizations. Sign up, go, and get involved. You’ve probably been wanting to do that for a long time anyway.

20. Create a vision board that represents your wishes and desires around dating and finding a mate. Don’t limit it to being about your dream man; be sure to include images and descriptions of yourself, your experience, and your relationship.

21. Take items from your lists of what you love about yourself and what you are looking for, put them on sticky notes, and then put them around your house.

22. After any substantial phone conversation or date, take a few minutes to write down what you’ve learned about the man, yourself, or dating in general.

23. Make a list of three things you want to know about a man by the end of a date. This isn’t about interviewing him; it’s about forcing yourself to pay attention to the individual sitting in front of you. Think eye color, what he likes to eat or drink, how many times smiled at you, whether he has good manners, or how he might have complimented you.

24. Talk to the happily married couples that you know about their courtship and the development of their relationship. Look for nuggets that will help you find love.

25. Just be yourself and go out and have some fun.

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