Is it purely because of the distance that separates couples? Or could there be more to it than that?

Long distance relationships have quite a stigma to them and they are known to be difficult to maintain.

This article outlines 12 reasons why a long distance relationship is so difficult to maintain and how to overcome the challenges.

#1. You can slowly become strangers

Over time couples can fall into a routine of asking mundane everyday questions when they talk. Questions like; “How was your day?” and “How is the weather?” become common place rather than asking questions of depth. This can lead to you becoming strangers as you live separate lives and don’t stay up to date with what’s really going on in each other’s day to day happenings.

#2. Falling out of love happens quicker if you are apart

Falling out of love is something that can happen in any relationship and it usually happens when you grow apart. Growing apart from each other happens easier in a long distance relationship.

#3. You can both be inconsiderate towards each other

Not being considerate of each other is a big problem in any relationship. To help maintain your long distance relationship it’s important to always be aware of each other’s time zones, work, and what’s going on in your partner’s life.

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#4. Friends and family can get in the way

In a long distance relationship your family and friends may tell you to call it quits and interfere with your relationship. This is often not to be difficult but usually because they care and don’t want to see you get hurt. However, this can have a negative effect on your relationship and if you’re serious about maintaining your long distance relationship you will have to make it clear to your family and friends that they cannot interrupt in your relationship and that the relationship is for the long haul.

#5. Long distance communication can be really hard

In any relationship communication can be an issue. Communication is the key to maintaining any long distance relationship but it is also hard to maintain. You need to focus on always keeping your lines of communication wide open.

#6. Going to bed angry and not resolving fights is so much easier to do in a long distance relationship

Not resolving fights as they arise and keeping the issues bottled up only make the issues get bigger. This, is never a good idea and all too easy to do in a long distance relationship! To help maintain your long distance relationship it’s important to always resolve fights while they are active.

#7. It is easy to forget that your partner has a life outside of the relationship

Forgetting that your partner has a life outside of your relationship happens when you both spend most of your time only speaking to each other. This is dangerous when it comes to maintaining a long distance relationship.

Both partners in a long distance relationship need to keep living their own lives, growing relationships with their friends and family, and building a career.

It is important for you to always keep this in mind and allow your partner to live a happy and fulfilled life outside of your relationship.

#8. It is easy to forget that you have a life outside of the relationship

If you forget your own life outside of the relationship and focus purely on your partner you can cause trouble in your other relationships. In order to help maintain your relationship with each other you need to allow yourself the freedom to have a life outside of your long distance relationship.

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#9. You may not see each other enough

Long distance relationships can be difficult to maintain if you live in different countries and sometimes even different continents. This is because you may not see each other enough. Sometimes it can be difficult to see each other more than once a year. Trying to Skype with each other at every opportunity you get will help make maintaining a relationship less difficult.

#10. You keep missing dates and appointments

Keeping your “dates” and “appointments” with each other is very important. If you regularly miss dates and appointments or forget about them your partner may start to feel unimportant and neglected, which is not something anyone ever wants to feel.

Keeping your dates and appointments shows your partner that you are committed to them, they are important to you, that you consider their feelings and that you respect their time.

#11. You both fall into routines that take the excitement out of the relationship

Mixing things up and keeping things fresh and fun is always a great way to help maintain a relationship as it prevents you from getting bored with your situation or your partner. It also helps to prevent you from falling into routine, which can lead to you falling out of love.

#12. Forgetting pleasantries becomes easier to do the longer you are apart

Forgetting simple pleasantries can make maintaining a long distance relationship very difficult to do. You need to remember the pleasantries. Say “Hello” when you wake up and “Goodbye” when you go to bed. Remember to say “thank you” and tell each other how much you care. This sounds like a simple task for anyone to do, but pleasantries can be forgotten in any relationship, especially once you fall into routine.

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