The following are the top 10 mistakes people make in their relationship.

By avoiding them, hopefully you will be spared from a heartbreak.

1. Neediness
Any amount neediness is a big, fat turn-off. If your entire being is defined by the attentions of another person, this can be a problem.

2. Wanting too much too soon
Trying to develop commitment or intimacy before its time tend to scare people away. A relationship needs a warm up period without heavy expectations or obligations for it to truly blossom.

3. Playing it too cool
Playing hard to get or acting like you do not care often backfires. It will be twice as hard to make amends afterwards since in reality, you do care, a lot.

4. Online stalking
Stalking your potential partners in social networks may lead to trouble and over analyzing. Any of this behavior (e.g not responding immediately) can send your brain into overdrive; thinking about what you did wrong etc.

5. Making comparisons
Every person should get a fresh opportunity in each new relationship. If you keep comparing the new person in your life to the ones who came before, you are actually sabotaging the relationship.

6. Creating relationship without also building a friendship.
Take the time to get to know your partner and find out about what really matters to him/her.

7. Seeking for perfection
Sometimes you may just want something completely unattainable and unrealistic in your partner. You want immediate passion and insane romance, but you can’t create it out of thin air. Stop expecting too much from your date.

8. Concentrating on the little things
Don’t fixate on all tiny little details. It is more about appreciating things as a whole and not dwelling on tiny things you do not like about them.

9. Not being honest about how you really feel, what you want or what really bothers you
Try resolving the issues as they arise and don’t keep it all inside until it reaches a boiling point.

10. Insecurity

An insecure person requires constant reassurance, validation and confirmation that the other person is into you. It cause you to behave negatively in ways that you normally wouldn’t.

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