susanby Susan Birmingham

Nowadays the big push is to Go Green to help our environment, economy and world. So I started to think about what it might look like if you Go Green in your marriage. What immediately popped into my head was – stay together, do not divorce, recycle your current husband! Here are four good reasons to Go Green in your marriage, avoid divorce and recycle instead.

Reason Number One – Eliminate paper work! Yep thats right staying together eliminates all that nasty paper that is used when one files for divorce. So many documents and so many trees that must die in order to print them up, what a waste. The environmentalist will love you for staying together they may even make you an official “Tree Hugger.” Decide to talk about what has driven you to divorce, you may surprise yourself and fall in love all over again. If he was good enough to marry the first time, there is something in there worth recycling.

Reason Number Two – Save Gas! When you stay together then you do NOT have to go see a lawyer numerous times. No visits to a lawyer’s office, equals no miles to drive and thus no gas to buy. This way you are doing your part and contributing to a smaller carbon footprint as well as lessening our dependency on foreign oil. If more people stayed together and just re-cycled we would cut out all those miles to and from the lawyers office and court, wow, we possibly could become independent and self sufficient on our own domestic oil supplies.

Reason Number Three – Help Curb Pollution! You are really going to be able to eliminate so many toxic gases because there will be a lot less hot air being emitted by all parties involved; husband, wife, lawyer and judge – just to name a few. Especially if you live in Southern California where we suffer from such bad smog. Talk to each other, keep calm, maybe learn a new language – sign language. Using your hands to express yourself may possibly lead to the best communication you have ever experienced.

Reason Number Four – Contribute to World Peace! When husband and wife learn to live in peace and harmony it is amazing how contagious it becomes. Talk about the ultimate in recycling, your kids will grow up in a loving united family. They will be a hundred times more prepared to contribute to the future of world peace because they are more likely to end up happily married themselves. Hence the Re-cycling of peace and serenity through out the world for generations to come. Go for the Noble Peace Prize in your marriage, your life and your kid’s lives – all will be the better for it.

Save a tree, lower your carbon footprint, eliminate toxic gas and contribute to world peace. Bet you never thought that you could do all that by just Going Green in Your Marriage and re-cycling, your husband that is, keep him, reuse him and make him better!

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